Knit vs. Purl

I am in way shape form or fashion an expert on knitting. I just thought I’d give a little bit of an explanation as to things that puzzled me when it came to knitting. I figured that someone else would have also run into this problem.

The hardest thing for me when doing a pattern was recognizing the difference between a knit stitch and a purl stitch. When I first began, I’d get three or four rows into a project and realize that I had made a very big mistake. So how do you tell the difference between a knit and a purl? The top photo is a knit stitch. The bottom photo is a purl.

If you notice on the bottom photo, right underneath the needle there is a horizontal bar. That is because when you purl, the yarn is in the front.

Finally, in this last picture I did a row of alternating knit, purl (which is written k1, p1 in a pattern). Depending upon the type of yarn used, i found it can be tricky to tell the difference. One thing that I notice, which you can seen in the photo, is that if you look right underneath the needle, the bottom of the purl stitches are pulled to the left. The bottom of the knit stitches are pulled to the right.


2 thoughts on “Knit vs. Purl

  1. I love your nails. I want nails like that but always get sick of them before they get that long.

    I didn’t know you started a *knitting* blog too!

    Once I unearth my knitting bag (i.e. after this move settles) my project will be learning to knit wool socks. I’ve got a sweater’s worth of wool yarn in a color (as I learned too late) that is not good for me.

    And we all need more warm socks.

    If I don’t hate it I’ll eventually end up with angora rabbits and make my own yarn for warm socks and mittens.

    Trying not to be overwhelmed thinking of it.

    But basically, since I’m getting into hand-spinning it sort of make sense to have our own fiber animals and rabbits are lower-maintenance than sheep. {grin}

    1. Making your own yarn? Wow! That’s impressive.

      Yup I started this blog a little bit ago. I wanted to try out WordPress, particularly since the iWeb comments have been working sporadically. I was considering whether to switch.

      Not to mention, I did want to share my knitting projects, but given the direction on my personal blog, I didn’t want more people having access right now.

      As for my nails. They grow pretty fast. I do cut them every couple of months cuz when they get long them they break down to the quick.

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