Almost finishef the mockup

I’m almost finished the mock up of the fingerless glove. I need to tweak it a little bit for the final pattern.


4 thoughts on “Almost finishef the mockup

  1. Ooh I love them. You chose a lovely color and the pattern is amazing. You’ll need to publish the pattern once you’re done.

  2. Cute gloves. Totally the kind of thing I’ve thought of wearing while I write (but never taken the time to make. Maybe I will now that I’ve seen some I like this much…)

    AND the house is under contract!!!

    So I might be (as in “will be if the house closes”) buying my spinning wheel in early April! (so excited)

    What kind of fiber did you use for the gloves (I suppose I missed it from the earlier post)? Are you going to try socks next?

    Once we have the loose money I want to make a shawl/wrap for my next project. I’ve seen some really neat patterns lately. (but then, I might be spinning and not interested in knitting for a while.

    1. Uhm, It’s merino, cashmere and silk. It’s very soft.

      Eventually I will try socks.

      Congrats on the house!!!

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