Purple peek

I just finished knitting another Christmas present. I can’t post a picture of the completed project, but I’ll torment you with a little clip.


That’s a bobble. Yup, I learned a new skill in this project. I’m quite proud of myself!

I did have a slight mishap though. I was watching a movie and forgot to put a bobble in one section. By the time I caught it, I was onto the next row. Well I had to cast on 150+ stitches so I wasn’t about to rip out a row. I dropped the stitch where the bobble was supposed to be and worked the loop in the row below. Then I fixed the “dropped” stitch. Except for that stitch being a little tight, which you could only feel while knitting, you can’t tell what I did.

I’m working on my dad’s Christmas present. Since he’s not on the web, I can post updates on his present.


3 thoughts on “Purple peek

  1. Bobbles! Woot! So .. I’m making Christmas presents, too … since some are afghans, I’m crocheting those (MUCH quicker), but I’m also knitting up some stuff (hats, etc.) … I’m going to start putting some of this on the blog, too .. great idea! (I’m not ambitious enough to have more than one blog going :))

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