Books and needles


Over the past few weeks, I’ve gone a little bit crazy with buying circular knitting needles and stuff.

Here’s what I purchased

9″ inch bamboo circulars size 1
9″ inch bamboo circulars size 2
9″ inch bamboo circulars size 3
9″ inch bamboo circulars size 4
9″ inch bamboo circulars size 5
9″ inch bamboo circulars size 8

2 sets 29″ inch circulars size 2
bamboo double pointed needles size 2

Now with all these needles, I’m happy to say that I purchased all but 3 with gift cards.

Last night when I was in Joann fabrics I bought an electric yarn ball winder. I had seen it before, but I didn’t buy it because it was expensive. I do need one though. Occasionally when you buy yarn, it comes in hanks. Well you can’t knit with a hank, it has to be wound into a ball. At the knitting shop where I usually purchase, they have a hand winder already set up. But I’ve been purchasing yarn at other stores, so I can’t take my yarn to the usual place to wind it. I was wondering what to do. But then, I got some coupons from Joann Fabrics. The best part was that one was a 50% on any regularly priced item. Usually it doesn’t apply to the big ticket items, but I was in luck, it was applicable to the winder.

As you can see, I also purchased Death Comes to Pemberly. It’s a Pride and Prejudice continuation obviously. I’m almost finished knitting my Christmas presents, so I’ll be able to catch up on my reading.

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2 thoughts on “Books and needles

  1. Wow that is an intense committment to knitting:-) Oh that book sounds like fun! I will have to get that book!

    • Every project requires a different size needle. Then depending upon the type of I might need to use bamboo, acrylic, or metal. So sometimes I have three types of the same size needle. Then your preferences change as you start knitting. I used to love using 13 inch straight needles. Now I prefer my straights to be shorter.

      I’m so ready to read the book. I didn’t realize P. D. James was a woman!

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