Check out my toe-up socks

Ok!! I finished the first pair of socks for myself!!!!


I’m proud of myself!!! I have two more pairs to make for myself.

Oh, my dad LOVES the socks I made for him for Christmas. He wants another pair. I’m going to make a second pair of grey socks for him. Then I bought some greenish fair isle patterned sock yarn.

Oh I’m starting a project for my cousin. I need to clone myself.

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5 thoughts on “Check out my toe-up socks

  1. *So* cool. Really wonder when I’ll get to actually thought-requiring patterns. Currently all my knitting is done in Sermon and Sunday school, so I’ve restricted myself to simple stuff that let’s me pay attention better.

  2. They are so pretty!!! I’m jealous of your knitting skills! 😉

  3. How cool! I really need to start posting some of my knitting … I really do 🙂

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