Green intertwining cable

I could not wait to finish the baby blanket so that I could start on a second set of socks for myself. I had been dying to do this pattern I found. The socks are knee high with a four inch cuff.


I have about 7 inches to go before I can do the heel. The pattern was badly translated from Norwegian to English, so I had to rip part of it out and do it again.

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2 thoughts on “Green intertwining cable

  1. I’m *almost* ready to try socks.

    I’ve done two cardigans, a hat for the boy and finished the green/angora hat I pictured the start of in the EA rabbit post.

    Almost done with a 3-color duplicate of that pattern.

    Mainly I’m relieved/surprised at the number of items I actually completing. As a child my mom called me the “queen of unfinished projects” and I think I took that deep into me; so having this many *done* means a lot to me.

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