Vanessa sock

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m giving everyone in my immediate family at least one pair of socks for Christmas. Here is the pair I’m making for my sister.

The start


In case you were wondering, I kind of created this design myself. After I did the cuff, I did a few rows of the Hurdle stitch which I didn’t like that much. Rather than rip it out I just changed to the Vanessa stitch.


I liked it much better. The socks are almost knee high.


The heel on this sock was a little bit different. It almost has a v-shape on the back of the heel. I don’t remember what type of heel it is called.


The pattern that came with a sick was written for a size 8, but my sister’s feet are bigger than that so I added a couple of inches.


Now I just have to make the second sock.


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