A little something for myself

As much as I like making socks, I need to take a break. So I started a scarf for myself. I had purchased this yarn about a year ago. I had found this great Peacock Lace scarf pattern on Ravelry by Domestic Blissless. So I started it last night.

I have to get used to using straight needles again. I’ve been using circulars so much this year. I’ve almost forgotten how to hold straight needles. I really like the pattern thus far.

I will definitely need to block this once I’m finished to open up the design a bit.


One thought on “A little something for myself

  1. I never learned how to knit, but I taught myself basic crochet when I was a teenager. When my oldest was a teenager she took my book and hook that I’d bought at her age and taught herself (using some of the same yarn)! I’ve heard knitting is very relaxing, but I’m not going to take on anymore projects or hobbies right now because I don’t have enough time for all the stuff I like to do now… scrap-booking, drawing, painting, reading, journal writing, writing… I know you know what I mean.

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