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White with black lace

Here is the last of the Vogue statement sleeve blouses.

One thing the I learned: this pattern sizing depends a lot on the fabric. The pink silk fit as it should. The peachskin and cotton fit snug. I’ll have to wear a minimizer in order to get a better fit. Next time, I’ll measure the fabric once I cut it out to make sure that it will be the same as the final measurements. But here it is. I need to wash it to get the fabric marker out; then iron it.

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Friday finds

One of the Joann fabric stores in my area is closing because the complex was bought out by another store who is planning to re-do the complex.

They marked all patterns including the Vogue patterns to $1.99!

I might have gone slightly overboard. I’m looking at this picture and just realized that there are a couple of patterns missing.

I bought some McCall and Butterick patterns; but that will be another post.

As you can see, I like the vintage designs.

I’m excited! Very excited!

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Cosmos and poppies oh my!!

I saw this peach skin in Joann. I don’t really understand what peachskin fabric is, but this one was beautiful. I was planning to make version A of V9285 with lace on the sleeve cuff, but I thought it would have made things too busy. So I’ll save the lace for the third blouse I’m making because that is white poplin with no pattern.

The fabric was pretty easy to work with. Honestly, I wish I had purchased more of the fabric to make a dress or skirt.

What I like most about this fabric are the amount of color options for skirts or pant. Obviously I could do black, but then I could also do gray, pink, or red. Each color will give a different look.

I’ll have to remember to take a picture once I’m actually wearing the blouse.

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The Royal Sew Along

McCall, Butterick, Vogue, and Simplicity are hosting a sew along in honor of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on May 19, 2018. For this project, I decided to do Butterick 5850. Today I found the fabric. It’s a brocade which is not one of the materials listed, but I like it.

So next week, we will be making muslins for fit. I’ve never done one, but I’m eager to learn. I’ll keep you posted.

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Sophisticated pink polka dot

I don’t know about you, but I don’t typically associate polka dots with sophistication.   To me, polka dots are a very retro thing.  Then there is pink with polka dots…  The name screams “little girl.”  Surprisingly, it’s mature.  I was looking for a fabric to make V9285, and I thought this would be perfect.  And it really is.  So behold, my first blouse with statement sleeves.

There is netting in the sleeves to make them stand out. Hers a close up.

I cannot wait to wear this!

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Statement sleeves

So this season, statement sleeves are all the rage!!! I’m not one for jumping on trends; I think it’s a wee bit ridiculous to be constantly buying because things come and go. But since I’m making my own clothes, it’s more economical to join the trend bandwagon. So here are the statement sleeve patterns I’m making this season.

Right now I’m working on the Vogue Pattern. I’m doing version A and B. I’ll be doing the Butterick version B, then eventually A. As for McCalls, I’ll do versions A, B, and D.

I’m really excited!!!

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Sewing plunge

I haven’t been sewing that long- less than a year in fact.  Why did I take it up?  Well there were a couple of reasons.  First, I have a classic hourglass figure with a large cup size.  Because of that, I have a lot of problems finding shirts and dresses that flatter me.  In fact I rarely if ever buy dresses.  With shirts, there were probably 5 or 6 styles that really worked. Because I’m an attorney, I need suits which are expensive anyway.  Unfortunately when you’re a top heavy girl, you can’t buy suiting sets.  You have to buy suit separates which are a lot more expensive (they never go on sale).  Second, I’m not into typical fashion.  I really, really like vintage 50 style dresses.  In general, I just like the vintage style dresses.  A lot of it is because back then having an hourglass figure was the thing, so clothing was made for curvy figures.  It’s not that I don’t like some modern clothes (because I do), but I’m not all about “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”  I’m a lady, dang it!  I like to leave things to the imagination!  Third, the cost of living, including clothing is going up like crazy.  In fact, the cost of living is going up a lot faster than most people’s salaries.  So I have been looking into a fair number of cost cutting measures including growing my own vegetables.

I had purchased a very easy Vogue skirt pattern some years ago, but I never used it.  I took one class at Joann, but I found that I could not sew in a straight line even when I drew lines on the fabric in Taylor’s chalk.  But this past summer, I was determined to give it another go.  Last year, I had 11 trials, eight of which were back to back.  I really didn’t have enough suit.  You really need to dry clean suits every 2 wears, but my trial schedule didn’t allow that.  I tried handwashing the inside of the suits, but it doesn’t work very well.  I really can’t wear them anymore, because they smell and no amount of dry cleaning will take care of that.

So I bought some very easy patterns from Butterick and gave it a go.  I got a lot of compliments on my first shirt!!!   The rest is history!!  I’ve learned a lot. I’m almost embarrassed when I go back a look at some of the earlier things I’ve done.  The stitches aren’t nearly as nice, but hey… we all start somewhere.  I’ll do another post of tips and tricks I learned which made me a much better sewer.  Hopefully, if someone out there is thinking of taking up sewing, you won’t feel as lost as I did.